2017 Cleveland Clinic Children’s – Abdulaziz Balloon Ride

$29.00 $19.00


100% of proceeds will be donated to the art and music therapy programs at Cleveland Clinic Children’s.

Every year we pick a piece of artwork from a young patient at Cleveland Clinic Children’s to use as inspiration for our “Kid Art Shirt”. This year a beautiful hot air ballon created by Abdulaziz, the world’s cutest 7-year-old from Saudi Arabia, was selected as our inspiration. Abdulaziz has had two intestinal transplants (the first one rejected and was explanted) and now, after a very long recovery, is doing quite well! He is one of the most courageous kids the Cleveland Clinic Children’s team has ever met and was always eager to do art even when he was very critically ill. He also was REALLY hoping to be selected for this year’s shirt and he was so over the moon when he found out that he was picked! The hot air balloon has hung over his bed, he puts his Lego characters in it while playing and now it will grace a shirt that hundreds will wear in support of The Art & Music Therapy Program at Cleveland Clinic Children’s.